Titans of Tomatoes

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The King of Tomatoes isn't always agreed upon.  Many Italians in America would refer to the San Marzano as the King of Tomatoes, but many Italians (and especially Southern Italians), would tell you that the true King is the Piennolo.  Both of which grow in the fertile volcanic soil of Mount Vesuvius, they are true flavors that remind you of Italy.  But don't take our word for it.  Try them both and taste for yourself!

In either jar, there is only one ingredient... Tomatoes.

Mandranova 100% Nocellara Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Sicily)


Suggested Additions, For Grating (Not Included):


Cooking Directions:
Chop/Dice 2 -4 Cloves of Garlic
Sautee Garlic in Olive Oil 
* Piennolo - pour full jar into saucepan
* San Marzano - crush by hand, blend or food process to a coarse chop and add to saucepan
Add Salt to saucepan (to taste)
Add Salt to pasta water (to taste)
Boil Pasta to al dente
Drain Pasta and combine with Tomatoes in the saucepan
Stir and Enjoy!