Giuseppe Cocco Spaghetti (1.1 lb)

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The ancient pasta master craftsmen in Abruzzo would claim wheat, water, air and their process as the ingredients for a good pasta.  In particular, the organoleptic properties of the Verde river, which is fed exclusively by natural springs, and the dry and ventilated climate, which allows for the perfect drying of the pasta, are the two natural ingredients that make the pasta craft in Fara San Martino so unique.

In 1944, Giuseppe Cocco took on the profession of his father and his elders and inherited the difficult task of salvaging the original machines from the rubble of the bombings.  The machines were rebuilt and, combined with the memory and secrets of his forefathers, Cavalieri Giuseppe Cocco still makes pasta with the same careful and scrupulous methods.

Bronze dyed and slow dried, the roughness of the pasta captures and enhances the sauce, while maintaining the essential flavor and texture of the pasta itself.