Ursini Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3 L)

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Olive groves are grown by about 80 farmers living in the Abruzzese towns of Fossacesia, Rocca San Giovanni & Mozzagrogna, mostly on lands surrounding San Giovanni in Venere Abbey, which was founded around 540 AD.  The Ursini family has been ensconced in this area dating back to Roman Times.  Due to the land's fortuitous geographic topography, a unique microclimate is created between the Maiella Massif Mountain, elev. 9,000 ft. (Apennine mountains) & the Gulf of Venere (Adriatic Sea).  This gives the olives their distinct flavors & properties.

Varietals: Gentile di Chieti, Cucco, Leccino, Olivastra, Crognalegno, Ascolana & Dritta. (ratios vary from year to year depending on the Mastro Oleari's desired blend).

Recommended Use: Subtlety enhance fish dishes, white meats & salads of any kind.   The delicate nature of this oil will not overwhelm the other tastes that you are trying to compliment.  Due to its well-balanced properties, it will enhance & compliment a wide range of dishes.