Stone Arch Farm All Natural Mangalista Pepperoni Chub (8 oz)

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All Natural 100% Mangalitsa pork. The most unique pepperoni you will ever taste. Spicy from cayenne and Calabrian chiles. Fantastic on a piece of baguette, or a sandwich and pizza.


Stone Arch Farm:

Steve Garman and his wife, Allison Garman, own Stone Arch Farm in Lititz, PA. Along with their son, Ty, they are caretakers of the land. Their stewardship and connection to Stone Arch is built on. It is where Allison was born and raised. Close by, Steve was born and raised on a dairy farm. The grandson and son of potato and dairy farmers, Steve has been a part of Lancaster County farming since childhood.

We strive for 100% quality and welfare of our animals. Situated in Lititz, PA. Stone Arch Farm benefits from having 250 acres consisting of woodlands, strong springs, plenty of grass, and a multitude of oak and black walnut trees. Combine this with our organic hay from the farm and non-GMO corn feed, our 100% natural Mangalitsa hogs yield a better meat versus pigs raised in confinement.