Scalia Colatura di Alici (Garum) (3.38 fl oz)

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Colatura di Alici is a transparent amber colored liquid that is produced by a traditional maturation process.  The selected fresh anchovies are cleaned by hand, covered in salt, stacked and weighted. After 45 days, all of the  collected liquid is filtered several times until a transparent amber liquid is produced. This fragrant liquid is rich  with the scents of the sea.  

This special condiment is still used today in cooking as a substitute for salt and to enhance the flavor of fish. It  can also be used as a finishing condiment for meats, pastas, and so much more! It may have a strong fish smell  but the taste is very mellow that enhances the flavors in the other ingredients. The secret to using the Colatura is  “less is more”. It is very concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Anchovies are present in the kitchens of great  chefs and used throughout their cooking to give their foods a little something extra. 

Colatura di Alici is high in protein and composed of amino acids, which are immediately absorbed into the body.  Colatura di Alici has fat burning properties for the stomach and helps in the digestive process. Note: Refrigerate  after opening.

Recommended Use: Drizzle over fish, pasta, salads, and vegetables. Add to  soups or stews. Use in meat and/or fish marinades. Add to any tomato sauce for additional flavor. Use within Caesar salad dressing to add more flavor.