Sabarot Dried AOP Le Puy French Green Lentils (1.1 lb)

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Dried Green Lentils from Le Puy. These choice lentils come from the rich volcanic soil of Le Puy in Auvergne, a central southern region of France. They are the only lentils to obtain the AOP label (Appelation d'Origine Protégée) protecting their origin and production methods.

Well-known for their culinary and dietary properties, lentils provide vegetable proteins (without fat), fiber, minerals and are naturally poor in lipids.

The texture of true Lentils du Puy is what sets them apart: a bit firmer than other lentils, they hold their shape well so they are at best when served warm as a side dish with any meat or fish. Thanks to their earthy vegetal flavor, they are also wonderful in soups, stews or served as a delicate cold lentil salad.