Penne Puttanesca by Chef Drew Masciangelo of Savona Restaurant

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The history behind the recipe for Puttanesca sauce is quite amusing.  Although the simple and delicious combination of ingredients have overlapped in Italian cuisine for several centuries, Puttanesca as we know it today may have originated in the mid-1900's with the story of a chef in Ischia who assembled the last of his ingredients to prepare a meal for his final customers who arrived just after closing.  Because of the recipe's ties to the southern Italian region of Campania, it is also sometimes assumed that the dialect word Puttana (or lady of the night) refers to the wayward housewife who quickly assembled a meal for her husband from the limited contents of her pantry soon after the departure of her lover!

Also traditionally served with Spaghetti, Bucatini and Linguine, Chef Drew Masciangelo of Savona Restaurant in Gulph Mills, PA has prepared this recipe with Penne, another typical cut that is used with this sauce.  Highlighted by the salty flavors of Olives, Capers and Anchovies, this rustic pasta dish presents and interesting departure from your usual sauce recipes at home.  This recipe kit will serve four. **

RECIPE: Penne Puttanesca by Chef Drew Masciangelo

Please visit Chef Drew and his team at Savona Restaurant for a memorable dining experience!  Link below:

Savona Restaurant (Gulph Mills, PA)

** Recipe Kit Includes:

Penne Rigate, San Marzano Tomatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Capers, Anchovies, Pitted Castelvetrano Olives, Piave Mezzano (For Grating)

** Recipe Kit Does Not Include:

Fresh Garlic, Fresh Parsley, Fresh Basil, Dry White Wine, Salt & Pepper