Prunotto Fig Mostarda (3.8 oz)

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Our Very Fresh and sound fruit, cultivated with the “Integrated Fight Method”, is selected with care  by hand and is simmered at low temperature in big casseroles in the open air, only with the addition of  cane-sugar so obtaining jams exactly alike to those home-made by house-keepers. 

During the preparation of our jams we don’t use any chemical product like pectin, thickeners and  anti-oxidators so obtaining a genuine product with a traditional taste suitable to all the gourmets. With  the utmost respect of the consumer’s health we propose to our Customers not only genuine  and excellent products to enjoy, but also helpful to the different functions of our body. We  believe that preserving our health with the help of natural and sound products is more advisable than  the drugs’ use.

Recommended Use: This can be used as a finishing touch on bread,  and a variety of receipts that call for the combination of jam.