Prunotto Chestnut Blossom Honey (14 oz)

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Chestnut honey has very specific characteristics and properties. It‘s dark in color, has a pungent odor  and taste very bitter and that is why he is loved by an increasingly larger number of people.  Chestnut honey may have a lighter color if the prevalence of nectar, a  higher moisture content and odor and flavor more pronounced, and  where the honeydew is present in considerable quantity, the color is  darker, the lower water content, odor and aroma are less pungent  and the taste is less bitter. The color is dark amber and the crystallization is absent or very  slow. It has a characteristic strong smell of undergrowth. The  flavor is intense, with a slightly bitter aftertaste. 

To produce honey “Monoflorale” (one flower honey) the practice of ‘”Nomad Beekeeping“ is  adopted. The nomad beekeeping is a way to move the hives from place to place depending on the  presence of plants in bloom. Moreover, these displacements enable the production of flower honeys  allowing a better supply of the final product. Today the movement of hives occur on the road: they are  loaded at night (when all the bees have returned) and unloaded at sunrise