La Casa Del Grano Fregola Sarda, Medium (1.1 lb)

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Fregola is a type of Sardinian pasta which comes in the form of small, round pellets. The irregular  beads are obtained by rolling semolina a basin and then roasting it in the oven; a process that gives the  product its varied range of golden colors.  

With over 60 years of experience under its belt, La Casa Del Grano has become the leading producer  of traditional types of Sardinian Pastas. Over the years, La Casa del Grano has come a long way and  has made a whole lot of pasta, always taking care to preserve the traditional values of Sardinia. This is  the key to its success: combining artisan skill with a constantly monitored industrial process, where  highly qualified personnel and company policy focus on quality over quantity.

Recommended Use: The rough porous texture makes it ideal
to absorb the taste and flavor of sauces and soups.