Dok Dall'Ava 24 Month Prosciutto San Daniele DOP (Whole 19 lb.)

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The Dall’Ava Family has been producing San Daniele D.O.P. Hams since 1955. DOK Dall’Ava only  chooses the best legs from certified Italian pigs that are fed with cereal and milk serum.

The legs are brought to the factory direct from the slaughter house fresh within two days. They  are checked and registered with a button seal on the hock that states the month and year the ham  entered the processing establishment, as well as the date in which salting began. It is then covered  with only Sea Salt, which comes from the natural park of Santa Margherita (Puglia).  

After two weeks they are ready to be dried in the traditional manner for at least 24 months, and finally  sold with a hot iron brand or an ink seal of “Prosciutto di San Daniele”. This is done under the direct  supervision of a person authorized by the Italian Veterinary  Services to oversee such activity.

Recommended Use: Prosciutto is not only for antipasto, but can also be the master protagonist of lunch and dinner.