Cave L'Abbe Rous Banyuls Wine Vinegar (16.9 fl oz)

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This vinegar is made from a fortified wine of Banyuls, which is naturally sweet due to the 80 gr. of residual sugar per liter that it retains by adding neutral grape alcohol to stop the fermentation of the wine.

This high quality wine of Banyuls is then aged for 4 years in wood vats which are outdoors and exposed to the natural variations of the climate. This type of aging gives the wine a burnt topaz robe and a woody and spicy fragrance as it develops the famous "Rancio" aroma (fresh walnut and mint) that will also be found in the vinegar. It is then aged in 220 liter oak barrels for 1 more year in the producer's storehouse.

A trickle of Banyuls vinegar and you will be immediately surprised by its flavor! Use it to make delicious marinades or add character to sauces.  It spices up dressings and is excellent for deglazing.