Casella's Prosciutto Speciale (Whole 15 lb.)

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Renowned chef Cesare Casella presents his Prosciutto Speciale, an exceptional slow-cured ham made from heritage breed pigs here in the U.S. As a child in Tuscany, he became well versed in the ways of the norcini, the traveling butchers who went from house to house preparing, seasoning, and aging meat. Since then, he has had a successful career in New York City as a chef, author, and educator. Drawing inspiration from his experience, he decided to focus his efforts on premium artisanal ham. He uses heritage breeds of pigs, including Berkshire, which he cures on the bone. Using just salt and high quality pork from family farms, the meat is transformed into marbled, delicate, and nutty ham. Forever Cheese's relationship with Chef Casella goes back many years and we are thrilled to carry his incredible new prosciutto. Antibiotic and nitrate/nitrite free.