Blue Marlin Bottarga

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Bottarga is a typical Italian specialty produced in Sardegna. It is the salted, dried, and pressed  eggs of the flathead gray mullet fish.  

Its history may have reached back to when the Arabs introduced various new products to  Sardinia during their conquering voyages. Since then, the Bottarga has developed an increase  in gastronomical and commercial interest by both the local people and by tourists. Its humble  beginnings stemmed from the idea that no part of the fish should ever be wasted. Today, it is a highly  sought after ingredient of delicate and distinguished taste.

Recommended Use: In Italy, the classic preparation for Bottarga  involves tossing it with delicate strands of pasta and olive oil. But it makes a fine appetizer with crostini and butter. It also pairs beautifully with the flavors of tomato, celery, parsley and citrus fruit.