Bucatini all'Amatriciana by Chef Joe Cicala of Cicala at the Divine Lorraine

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Over the years, Bucatini all'Amatriciana (ah-MAH-tree-cha-na) has become one of Italy's most famous pasta dishes.  A very simple yet refined recipe, it's all about the quality of the ingredients and Guanciale (or cured pork jowl) is definitely the centerpiece!

A dish named after it's town of origin, Amatrice is located in the central Italian region of Lazio, just at the crux of Abruzzo, Marche and Umbria.  Well traveled and studied in Italian cuisine, Chef Joe Cicala stays true to the recipe of Amatrice for this old world dish that will surely delight your family and friends.

RECIPE: Bucatini all'Amatriciana by Chef Joe Cicala

Please visit Chef Joe and his team at Cicala at the Divine Lorraine to experience their carefully curated presentation of Southern Italian cuisine.

Cicala at the Divine Lorraine (Philadelphia, PA)

** Recipe Kit Includes:

Sliced Guanciale, San Marzano Tomatoes, Bucatini, Reginella Pecorino D'Abruzzo, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Calabrian Chili Peppers, Sicilian Sea Salt

** Recipe Kit Does Not Include:

Dry White Wine