Prunotto Acacia Blossom Honey (14 oz)

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Acacia Blossom Honey is without doubt the most known and  appreciated in Italy. It is a characteristic light-colored honey, liquid physical state, smell and taste light and delicate. These  qualities are not found together in any other national production and are clearly much appreciated by  the consumer. 

An organoleptic level is generally liquid; may possibly appear turbid for the formation of crystals, without reaching a complete  crystallization. The color is very clear, nearly colorless to light  yellow. The smell is light, reminiscent of flowers or just fruity. The  flavor is very sweet, with light acidity. The aroma is very delicate,  typically vanilla, confit, very persistent with no aftertaste. 

To produce honey “Monoflorale” (one flower honey) the practice of ‘”Nomad Beekeeping“ is adopted. The nomad beekeeping is a way to move the hives from place to place depending on the presence of plants in bloom. Moreover, these displacements enable the production of flower honeys allowing a better supply of the final product. Today the movement of hives occur on the road: they are loaded at night (when all the bees have returned) and unloaded at sunrise.

Recommended use: It is an excellent sweetener because of the  very delicate taste. It tastes wonderful with blue cheeses like Roquefort or Gorgonzola.