Castle Valley Mill Bloody Butcher Grits (2 lb)

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Castle Valley Mill’s Red Grits are cream colored with dark red speckles throughout.  Bloody Butcher Corn is known for making excellent bourbon as well as being a favorite with chefs for its distinctive pop of color and outstanding flavor, which has a noticeable fruitiness and buttery texture. 

Uses: Grits or Polenta

They are delicious by themselves or topped with braised meat, chili, shrimp or sausage. Maybe go for a “gritty” bowl – start with grits and layer your favorite sliced veggies. Top with an egg, wilted greens, and hot sauce for breakfast or lunch! Remember, both grits and polenta are peasant dishes originally...  Simplicity is best to allow the amazing corn flavor to shine.

Storage:  Refrigerate at 42 degrees or cooler for up to six months, frozen bags will keep up to a year.

Nestled on the banks of Neshaminy Creek in historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Castle Valley Mill began grinding Bucks County grains in 1730. Built on land that was given to the Meredith family by William Penn, the mill has been known as Grove's Mill, Reed's Mill, and now Castle Valley Mill. Castle Valley Mill has restored several antique stone mills and processing machines and have put them back in operation. Your support of Castle Valley Mill products will not only please your palate, but contribute to the continuing preservation and restoration of this valuable piece of history.